UCLA's Pregnant on Campus Initiative's Holiday Service

Story By Katie M.

As we say goodbye to 2018 and enter the New Year, it seems like the holidays flew by; however, UCLA’s Pregnant on Campus Initiative (PoCI for short) didn’t let the season of giving go by without doing a little charity of their own.

The group, a subdivision of Live Action UCLA with a mission to support students on campus facing unexpected pregnancies, decided to help their community in two ways: first, by raising money for initiatives within the club, such as a scholarship for pregnant and parenting students on campus; and second, by providing Christmas gifts for a family in Harvest Home, a non-profit that provides care for homeless expecting mothers.

For their fundraiser, PoCI decided to reach out to UCLA’s student body directly by selling cookies and asking for donations on Bruin Walk, a popularly frequented part of campus. Evenings before, the club split into teams (ladies vs gentlemen) to see who could make the tastier cookie. The women, with their delicious gingerbread cookies, took the crown.

After getting the permits, decorating the cookies, and even rescheduling due to the rain, the bake sale finally went underway on Friday, December 7th. Thanks to the generosity and widespread support of the UCLA community, the fundraiser was a success: PoCI not only raised over $100 for their fund, but they engaged the community with conversation and information.

Later that month, Live Action UCLA spread a little more cheer with the help of Harvest Home by donating gifts to a family the club had “adopted” for the holidays. Helping a single mother and her three-year-old son have gifts under their tree was no small task: using money they earned from the fundraiser, members shopped together for gifts, wrapped them as a group, and attended Harvest Home’s Christmas party to give the gifts to their family. Nina Rose and Quinn Rickard, president and vice president of Live Action respectively, were at the celebration. After, Nina shared her experience, saying, "being in a room full of so many strong and powerful women who have conquered or are conquering homelessness and building better lives for their children — with the help of Harvest Home — was truly inspiring. And I was thrilled to see so many community members step up to buy gifts and celebrate the holidays with these families.”

PoCI plans to continue to stay involved with Harvest Home by returning to cook dinner for the women and children there later in January.

Feeling charitable? Support PoCI’s scholarship fund by venmoing @liveactionucla and specifying PoCI scholarship fund, or check out www.harvesthomela.org to see how you can get involved with them.

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