My Miracle

Story by Franchesca H.

My name is Franchesca Hernandez and this is my story on how I chose life.

It was 2018 and I was in my senior year of high school. I was only 18 years old. My husband Rafael who was then my boyfriend was 20 years old, working with forklifts and going to college. On June third, I went to the doctor’s since I hadn’t started my menstrual cycle and I wanted to make sure I was not pregnant or anything. Before deciding to take the big step to go to the doctor’s, I took some home pregnancy tests and the results came back negative. So from those results I was almost sure I was not even close to pregnant.

On June 9, I had a doctor’s appointment at 10am. I had no clue that I would be receiving life-changing news. Everything was running smoothly until the doctor called me and my boyfriend. Several things ran through my head, the biggest one fear. Fear of letting my parents down, fear of not being ready if the doctor told me I was pregnant. But I was mostly afraid of doing something I would regret for the rest of my life if I couldn’t handle the news: I was frightened of making the decision to have an abortion. When the doctor came back with the results from the blood test, he told me and my boyfriend I was pregnant — 5 months pregnant. As he was telling me this, I felt for an instant like I was dreaming, that it was just all a bad dream. I turned to look at my boyfriend’s reaction; he started crying, hugging, kissing me, telling me that he was the happiest man on earth etc. Although, yes, in my heart there was joy and love, in my head all I could hear was, “That’s it, you’re done, there is no more future for you. Your parents are not going to support or love you anymore.”

I waited a month to tell my mother first. When I told her, she was so happy and was excited to know she was having a grandson. Even after seeing my mother and boyfriend react so happy for me, I still was full of worry, fear, and most of all disappointment in myself. A few days later I finally told my father, and he took it very well too.

As time went by a lot more people started to notice my belly growing. One day we went to visit my Dad’s family, and one of my aunts told me I wouldn't be able to go to college or have a future in life anymore. She told me that she knew of someone that would help me abort the baby if I wanted to. Yet in my head, even after having a hard time taking in all the news, it never never crossed my mind to do just that.

When I had my seven month check up, the doctor hit me and my boyfriend with the news that my baby could have birth defects, since before knowing I was pregnant I got sick and drank strong medication for my cold that could have affected my son. He asked us if we wanted to have my baby even if he were to be found sick, or if I wanted to have an abortion. By this time I was already so in love with my baby or as I called him (being a believer in Jesus Christ my Savior) my Miracle. I remember telling my doctor without a doubt “Yes, I want to have him. My son is okay — I know he going to be just fine.” But as a doctor, he had to make me and my husband sign a form that said we were Christian, and no matter what happened we wanted to keep the baby.

After a week we went back to the doctor, and as I predicted my baby was confirmed healthy and okay, thanks to my Lord. On November 4th of 2018 my baby was delivered. When I heard him cry, I realized there in that moment, I was giving life to another human being. It is the most beautiful thing a woman gets to experience, and I have no idea how many woman and young teens choose to throw away such a beautiful gift, or as I call it, such a beautiful miracle. So yes, I chose life over abortion. I feel so proud that I never gave in to not having my kid because he’s the most beautiful thing that’s ever happened to me and yes I will do it all over again. Simply because he has taught me that, though people can say that having a baby at a young age stops you from reaching your goals in life, my son has motivated me to work even harder to get to where I want to be.

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