"Loved from the Beginning": UCLA Club Throws Pregnant Student a Baby Shower

Written by Liz M.

Last Saturday, the Pregnant on Campus Initiative (PoCI) at UCLA hosted a baby shower for one of our very own UCLA students, Lissete. A project of Live Action UCLA, PoCI was founded just last year out of the conviction that being pro-life means not only caring for the unborn child, but especially for the mother.

According to the Guttmacher Institute, more than a third of women who abort do so because of concerns about their ability to parent while pursuing an education. Thus, as an organization, PoCI seeks to empower women who want to consider parenting by breaking down barriers to pursuing their education while parenting.

After hearing Lissete’s news and meeting with her to discuss her specific needs, PoCI members tabled on Bruin Walk to raise money to throw a baby shower in time for her summer due date. We asked our fellow students to give a donation or write a letter of encouragement for the soon-to-be mothering student. In just a few hours, about 150 students walking along took the time to donate or to write a letter of support, many of which were given to Lissete at her baby shower. The club was also able to raise enough money to host the baby shower and buy additional gifts like bottles, blankets, pacifiers, and clothes. One faculty member also graciously donated several baby essentials such as a bedside sleeper and a nursing pillow.

PoCI and Live Action UCLA were thrilled to celebrate the mother-to-be with a sash, balloons, homemade cupcakes, games, and friends. After opening her gifts, Lissete expressed her gratitude, saying of her baby, “I’ll be sure to tell him that he was loved from the beginning.” The Pregnant on Campus Initiative looks forward to supporting more students in need, and invites  all students interested in being a part of the lives of parenting students to join us as we work to make UCLA a more family-friendly campus.

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