Live Action UCLA: The Year in Review and What You Can Do to Help

Story by Therese B.

As we enter into the last round of finals at UCLA, let’s take a look at some of the highlights from the 2018-2019 school year with Live Action UCLA, our school’s pro-life club.

  • We brought Lila Rose to the UCLA campus. The renowned pro-life activist and our club’s founder spoke and answered questions for a crowd of 75 students (including some who were pro-choice). Afterward, many students thanked her for giving them more confidence to speak their convictions at UCLA. As one student said: “I came because I need to learn how to explain this to my friends.”

  • We also launched the Pregnant on Campus Initiative at UCLA! Live Action’s members are convinced that being pro-life means not only caring for the unborn child, but especially for the mother. And one third of women who abort do so because of concerns about their ability to parent while pursuing an education. To meet this need, we researched local resources for parenting students and compiled them in a printed brochure which we handed out to interested students. We also created and advertised a hotline for pregnant and parenting students. When Lissette reached out to us via the hotline, we fundraised for her registry on campus and threw her a baby shower.

  • We’ve brought a pro-life presence to UCLA, and students are noticing. This quarter, we hosted Justice for All’s pro-life exhibit in the two busiest quads on campus for three consecutive days. There were some tough, but many more fruitful conversations with pro-choice students. Throughout the year, we’ve also had displays on Bruin Walk where we collected signatures for a petition against SB320 and engaged in dialogue with students about when human life begins. We even hosted a booth at UCLA’s Sextravaganza to educate students about fetal development! Many were shocked to learn that a baby’s heart begins to beat at only five weeks gestation.

We hope that after reading through this list, you are thinking “Can I Help? Is there any way for me to support you?” And the answer is an absolute yes! Consider donating to our Pregnant and Parenting Scholarship coming in the 2019-20120 academic year. Or contact us if you or someone you know would be interested in sharing their own stories in our Testimonial section on Life Source. You could also donate to help pay for our print edition and next year’s operating costs.

We’ve definitely taken a hit for some of our activism this year. Some students have made it clear that they don’t want us here at UCLA (a reality which brought our president Nina Rose to the White House). But we aren’t daunted. In fact, we want to do even more next year. And with your help, we will.

Please reach out by sending an email to

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