Beyond Differences: the Pro-life Cause has Never Been more Coalescent

Story by Simon L.

It all began with a guest attending what was mistakenly thought to be the last Live Action UCLA meeting of 2020. However, their attendance was not accidental; in fact, after hearing the information they had to share, their attendance might as well have been celestially orchestrated. Like other clubs and extracurricular organizations, Live Action UCLA was facing its most unprecedented challenges since its earth-shattering inception, especially in striving to keep students actively involved with the right-to-life campaign from their own homes, beginning in March 2020. During that Wednesday evening’s online meeting, Live Action UCLA was generously offered a sponsorship by Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust to participate in the nation’s largest pro-life demonstration of 2021. The news of the offer spread rapidly; groups of people from all over Southern California and nearby states eagerly planned for a trip to San Francisco. The participants had little in common. Groups were diverse in age, ranging from children to senior citizens, and represented a variety of occupations as well as a wide range of political and religious affiliations. These were the champions of life walking for those without a voice on the weekend of January 23. The common ground that united them was a compassion for the children and women affected by abortion, and it was more than encouraging to witness this in divisive times.

Rain was not an obstacle; on Friday afternoon, banners and flags dotted the plaza in front of the Oakland City Hall. The annual Standing Up 4Life Rally and Walk featured speakers and pastors from and Mount Moriah First Baptist Church, whose posters read, “Black baby lives matter,” and “Make Abortion Go Away.” Later in the day, young leaders of the pro-life movement convened on the campus of UCSF General Hospital to speak at a public, open-air press conference addressing the fetal organ harvesting that continues to take place on the premises of the university hospital. Terrisa Bukovinac, president of Democrats for Life of America and founder of Pro-Life San Francisco, began by pointing to the discriminatory nature of this research. In particular, she accused the abortion industry of targeting young minority women by making them pay for a murderous procedure used by researchers to make profit. She was followed by Live Action founder Lila Rose, who called for immediate justice for the unborn and an end to their killing. Speaking for Students for Life, nineteen-year-old Autumn Lindsey assured that the future was anti-abortion. And Kristin Turner of Young Pro-life Democrats and Take Feminism Back accused the abortion industry of targeting the young women whose children are killed.

Early the next morning, Bikers for Life joined a prayerful gathering outside Planned Parenthood in support of the spiritual pro-life rally. Within a few hours, the Walk for Life had commenced downtown. The abundance of cultures, youth, and upbeat mood was characteristic of the entire event, and it was a privilege for Live Action UCLA to attend. Whether participants lent their voices to pro-life chants, raised their minds in prayer, or eagerly documented the walk, the positive spirit of unity in the pro-life movement was very a promising experience.

The weekend’s most encouraging words came directly from the principal religious leader of San Francisco, His Excellency, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, during the Walk for Life West Coast Mass in Saint Mary’s Cathedral: “We will continue to speak out on behalf of those who have no voice to speak for themselves, and reach out to, comfort, and support those who are suffering the scars of the abortion experience. We will do so until our land is finally rid of this despicable evil.” It is no surprise that pro-life advocates are rejuvenated by the support of fearless leaders like him.

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